Visa to Entry Russia

Coming to Russia, foreign citizens may need to obtain a Russian Visa. Before traveling in Russia, please check if you need a visa.

The ICONO/LAT 2013 Organizing Committee will provide visa support for the conference participants at the condition they submit the required information (filled in Visa Questionnaire and scans of the passport pages) at least 45 days prior to the planned trip.   

Application for a visa support must be made only after your submitted paper is ACCEPTED for presentation at the ICONO/LAT 2013. The Organizing Committee will not consider requests that are made before that.

In order to apply for the visa support, please follow steps below:

  1. 1.Make this at least 45 days prior your planned trip, otherwise we do not guarantee the visa support.

  2. 2.Fill in the pdf-form Visa-Questionnaire-ICONO-LAT-2013.pdf in Adobe Acrobat Reader (Windows, OS X) or in Preview (OS X).

  3. 3.Save the questionnaire on your computer.

  4. 4.Scan your passport page(s) with your picture and passport details (number, where issued and by whom, issue date, valid till date, and citizenship), as well as of the passport page with information on extension of the passport, if any. All information in the scans must be readable.

  5. 5.Email the questionnaire along with the scanned files to

Based on the data from Visa Questionnaire and scans of your passport the Organizing Committee will form an official visa support for your trip and submit it to the respective body of the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As soon as the permission for issuing visa is granted (this would require up to one month is some cases), the Organizing Committee will inform you of that and send necessary documents to be presented along with your visa application and passport at the Russian Consulate you indicated in the Visa Questionnaire.

Note that visa support is NOT a visa itself. You must receive your visa applying to the Russian Consulate you indicated along with the papers we will send you. This will also require some time before you will receive a visa, depending on the loading of the specific Consulate.

45 days prior to the meeting date the Organizing Committee will stop accepting the requests for the visa support and you may instead arrange your visa to entry Russia via the travel agency that serves the conference who is allowed to manage for your tourist visas. Information on how to obtain a tourist visa will be posted later on.



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